Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ways to make your weekend a BIG TICKET weekend!

As the weekend closes in on people, some think about the chores that they have deliberately been avoiding all week, some dream of never getting out of bed and leaving their television sets and then there are some who are always up to something exciting.

Doesn't matter which category you are from, we have a little something to spice up your weekend. We know 48 hours pass by in a jiffy. By the end of a Friday night, most of us find ourselves staring at blank walls because we are so muddled in our head! (True story.)

So here we are, as pseudo angels, with a weekend to-do list that sums up about everything that you should be doing, once you have your face out of the washing machine.

1. Intoxicate yourself in a good way: EDM, trance, house, dubstep...we have it all! Open your heart to some good music. Concerts, live performances, and music fests that can be booked online are there to give you a musical weekend. This ticks the socialize part of the weekend too.

2. We are so busy being adults throughout the week that we forget the inner child in us. Visit an amusement park. Book our tickets online to Adlabs Imagica or Aquamagica. Let the kid in you have a blast for a while before Monday comes back.

3. Explore, like you've always wanted to. There are a thousand different fests in different parts of the country. Besides, when you come back, you'll have a story to tell!

4. Watch a movie and make sure that you're doing that at a PVR or a Cineplex. Get away from the laptop screen. Grab a large pack of popcorn book your ticket on and get ready to have a movie marathon this weekend.

5. Give yourself an adrenaline rush and indulge in sports. It's high time now that you clean those cobwebs off your sports gear, no? Why don't you try Club Hunt? India's first escape live escape game and book your ticket to some mystery this weekend!

6. Do you remember the last time that you had a meal which you hadn't gobbled down because you were in a rush? Plan a night out with your someone special. Everyone needs that once a while.

7. And lastly, indulge yourself in a good book. A world away from yours and that’s right in the palm of your hand! And talking about book lovers, make the weekend a BIG weekend by registering yourself to Jaipur Literature Festival 2015 online.

Don't forget to tell us which idea and did you try and share your experience with us! Have a zoonga zoonga weekend! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

7 Indian authors you cannot afford to miss at JLF 2015

You heard about it. You got exited. And you did your online registration for Jaipur Literature fest. The online event tickets are in your hands and now you can’t wait or January!
Well, the plethora of renowned authors in the JLF 2015 are sure going to make you feel like a kid in the candy shop wanting to have it all. To ease your life and to make sure you don’t miss out the best here we are with a list of 7 Indian authors you shouldn't miss this season:
1. Amish Tripathi- He has been in the list of top 100 celebrities in India by Forbes twice in a row for a reason. His books brought about a revolution among the youth for mythology. His books entered the top selling charts within a week of their launch. His soft spoken demeanor and simple personality communicates his clear and crisp ideas in a unique manner.
2.       Sudha Murthy- Highly acclaimed, very knowledgeable and still grounded. A writer whose words portray wisdom acquired by her experience. The series of medals by her name are just a small token of her intelligence.
3.       Devdutt Pattnaik- A jack of many trades, he is a mythologist, a writer, a columnist and famous face of talk shows. A man whose theories can actually transform the system of a lot of sectors in India. His revolutionary ideas on Indian education system and the concept of religion in India proved as an eye opener to many.
4.       Esther David- A winner of Sahitya Academy Award, she is a single mother and a grandmother of two. She writes about Bene Israel Community of India and her work is often quoted as illumination of communities from an outer perspective. Her views on feminism and religion make her a frequent honourable guest in conferences and summits.
5.       Ashwin Sanghi- A renowned writer of thriller and suspense fiction, he is another writer featured by Forbes as a Forbes India Celebrity. His fast paced story, strong characters and gripping narrative style often gets him tagged as the Dan Brown of Indian literature. If you read and liked his work in The Krishna Key and Chanakya’s Chant you wouldn't want to miss him in JLF.
6.       Amit Chaudhry- A writer who has bagged numerous awards for his writing including the Commonwealth Writers Prize, the Encore Prize, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the Sahitya Akademi Prize, and the Infosys Prize for outstanding contribution to literary studies. An intelligent contemporary writer with progressive thoughts, we expect it to be a full house during his talks.
7.       Deepti Kapoor- A rather new fish in the sea, Kapoor is a debutante writer of her novel ‘A Bad Character.’ Her work has a distinct non linear narrative structure and rather honest descriptions. A small town girl grown up with the city, she is quite a representation of most girls that rebel to be themselves in the world guided by the society.

For those of you who hadn't booked your tickets yet and are suddenly getting the urge to be there! What are you waiting for? JLF tickets are available online and they are FREE! Log in now and be there to make it a trip to remember.